Be your own boss!

Fuck corporate world. Im moving out!!!!


Famous Bands Recreated With LEGOs by Adly Syairi Ramly [via]

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Nice lego collection

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Life on a night shift

People piss you all the time. How many times do i have to say that i work on a night shift. And still they fucking insist that i am working regularly. FUCKEMALL

Jam 88.3 is the new nu107

Or maybe i am wrong….but basically former dj of nu107 is here and of course their music setlist are quite awesome! So probably i can say faith has been restored on fm radio



Animals getting help from people.


Faith in humanity restored

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Lumia 820



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All that time everything is going great until one day……..

Rainy tuesday

Since they were few miles apart. He kept calling her but to no avail. She’s not yet home. It took her 6 hours to get home. And finally a sigh of relief from him.

But what je didnt knew what actually transpired during those hours that she was not home.


After few weeks their relationship started to go bland and shit.

… be continued

The year was 99 and it was a bit foggy to remember all these stuffs that happen more than a decade. It was more a bit from the past rather than the present. If you would like to go back and take a trip with my past come closer……..

"This is the story of someone that you shouldn’t waste your time reading. If you just have spare minute or probably an hour to read. It would be nice."

NOTE: Play this music while reading

If you’re kind and a good person by heart would you still want to know me? Those are the word that came out to his mouth while talking to someone over the phone. And the other person on the other line replied “Yes” i would still talk to you. From that day he forgot about his past experience and inhale the new life he would about to embrace. Finally someone who can accept me of who i am. I can still remember that people doesn’t know i exist. But i am now. 

From that day he never looked back and moved forward to the present. And this is why this story is being written. Believe him because it wont be inspirational in any ways but its up to you how would you interpret the way you read it.


Nothing as it seems

It was just an ordinary day at school doing nothing. And suddenly remembered, my late friend gave me a number to call. So i called the number and politely introduced myself only to find out that she’s fucking busy and no interest talking to me…..WHAT THE FUCK? here we go again. Until one day he decided to call her up again.And then she said, im quite busy right now, but ill give a number of my friend so you can chit chat with her a lil bit.And one more thing “she said” dont tell her i gave her number.

So there. Simple as that “Why didn’t she said so”. So he called her up and introduce himself in the most appropriate way. So they have been talking over the phone for several hours and days until they fell in love with each other without seing each other yet (crazy yet effective).

But after a while then they have decided to see each other. When they first met it was his most amazing moment of his life.

Missin NU107

There is a lot of music i havent heard for years after nu107 shuts down. And all i hear is a commercial radio that all plays bullshit masses music for the people who doesnt want to think. Oh well im spending my music time on my favorite mp3 in which nu107 has left for me. I feel that Im stuck at the 90s and early 2000 music era. For me this is music.

Cast of shadow

Cast of shadow

Ideas ideas

Ideas ideas

Ideas ideas

Ideas ideas